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-Created by "ActsOfSickPerversions" to select and publish Pure Brutal Death Metal with a bit more information and correct any errors. I hope and like this new project, and we continue to support the same as in the other blog! Thanks Bros!

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-Creado por "ActsOfSickPerversions" con el fin de seleccionar y publicar puro Brutal Death Metal con un poco mas de informacion y corregir algunos errores. espero y les guste este nuevo proyecto, y nos sigan apoyando igual como en el otro blog!! Gracias Bros!!

-Blog dedicado a difundir la escena brutal en el mundo sin ningún propósito de difundir la pirateria, descargar el material aquí está bajo responsabilidad de quien lo descarga, y tiene 24 horas para eliminarlo si no tiene el material original, de ser así, se puede mantener como archivos de copia de seguridad. Gracias!

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domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Pancreatocholectomy - (Single 2012)

Genre: Slam/Brutal Death
Country: Mexico
Year Of Creation: 2011
Lyrical Themes: Medical

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  1. Frantic Amber - Bleeding Sanity watch it here http://seance.blogg.se/ and feel free to share the music video.

    Frantic Amber is a female-fronted metal band with members from four different countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Japan) Since the line-up was solified 2010 the band has made two tours to Russia, the latest one in September 2011, as well as a successful gig at Sweden Rock Festival 2011 which also was played in whole in the Swedish National Radio program P3 Rock Live. Frantic Amber performed at the P3 Gold 2012 Awards that was broadcast on swedish national television and radio.